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Exam Schedule

Mon. May 16

Gr 6 ELA

Part A (writing) 

Tues May 17

Grade 9

ELA Part A (writing) 

Thurs. May 19

Grade 7 ELA

Part A (writing) 

Thurs. May 26

Grade 8 ELA

Part A (writing) 


Wed. June 22

Grade 6 Math

PAT Part A

Grade 7 Math

Part A

Grade 8 Math 

Part A

Grade 9 Math

PAT Part A

Thurs. June 23

Grade 6 Science PAT

Grade 7 Science

Grade 8 Science

Grade 9 Science PAT

Fri June 24

Grade 6 Math Part B PAT

Grade 7 Math Part B

Grade 8 Math Part B

Grade 9 Math Part B PAT

Mon June 27

Grade 6 Social PAT

Grade 7 Social

Grade 8 Social

Grade 9 Social PAT

Tues June 28

Grade 6 ELA Part B PAT

Grade 7 ELA Part B

Grade 8 ELA Part B

Grade 9 ELA Part B PAT 

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