Hosting International Students

Can you be a Homestay Family? 

We seek enthusiastic, outgoing families who are eager to welcome international students into their family life.  Families are reimbursed for all ordinary living expenses for $700 per month.  Our homestay program provides a full orientation and supports 24x7.  Homestay parents have a keen interest in providing a family environment, serve as ambassadors for Red Deer, make lifelong friends, and are interested in promoting a cross-cultural experience for their family.

We have several applications from grade 8-12 students who wish to be with Catholic or Christian homestay families for five months or a full year. 

If you feel this cultural experience might be an opportunity for your family; or if you know someone who may be interested, please visit our website:

Red Deer Catholic International


Contact Gloria Girard at our Homestay Program 

403-754-5562 ext 2190  

Canada Homestay Network