Vulnerable Sector Check

Volunteer WCB Coverage

Volunteer's are covered under WCB Coverage. This coverage applies to volunteers that provide service outside regular curriculum activities such as: 

  • volunteer coaches - after school hours
  • service and playground projects e.g., playground construction 
  • grad activities 
  • fundraising events: penny carnival, hot lunch program, Shrove Tuesday, 
  • field trips outside the regular school curriculum e.g., overnight ski trips

Please fill in this form WCB Volunteer Sign in Sheet

All volunteers at our school need to have a current Vulnerable Sector Check completed through the RCMP.

Forms are available at the school office or CLICK HERE fill out download and email to the 

Take your completed form to the RCMP office, they charge a minimal processing fee. The Vulnerable Sector Check will be mailed to your home (approx 1-6 weeks). Please return to the office the completed volunteer forms and the RCMP Vulnerable Sector Check. These are valid for a period of three years.  

*Please note that we only accept RCMP Vulnerable Sector Checks that have been completed within the past three (3) months from the date the office receives them.