Criminal Record Check

All volunteers at our school are required to have a current Criminal Record Check completed through the RCMP.

CLICK HERE to fill out the volunteer forms online.    

Criminal record checks can be processed online here.  There is a $5.00 charge for volunteers.  

Please return to the office the completed volunteer forms and the RCMP Criminal Record Check. These are valid for a period of three years


Volunteer WCB Coverage

Volunteer's are covered under WCB Coverage. This coverage applies to volunteers that provide service outside regular curriculum activities such as: 

  • volunteer coaches - after school hours
  • service and playground projects e.g., playground construction 
  • grad activities 
  • fundraising events: penny carnival, hot lunch program, Shrove Tuesday, 
  • field trips outside the regular school curriculum e.g., overnight ski trips

Please fill in this form WCB Volunteer Sign in Sheet