Academic Programs

Core Programs for the middle school includes Religion, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, and Health. The first five subjects comprise the Academic Core.

Religion Classes All students are expected to participate in Religion classes and celebrations that take place during the normal school day. We encourage parents to attend these celebrations to highlight the importance and enrichment that religious commitment offers to our lives. Throughout the year children will celebrate mass at St. Mary’s Church. Preparation for the celebration of the sacraments is carried out in cooperation with St. Mary’s Parish and Sacred Heart Parish.

Exploratory Programs offer students an opportunity to experience additional programs which may include Band, French as a second language, Drama, Food Studies, Fashion Studies, Outdoor Education, Art, Information Technology, Design and Computer Technologies, Film Studies and Recreation Education.

French Program - Is set up so those students who successfully complete the four-year program in middle school may receive high school credits once they enter grade ten. This can be especially useful for students who intend to take a full and heavy class schedule in high school.

Physical Education is compulsory for all students. In middle school, students must wear gym clothes and running shoes designed for GYM USE ONLY (no black soles). Competitive sports opportunities are provided through our Middle School Inter School League.

Special Programs

Foundations Program - The middle school Foundations Program is designed to meet the needs of students diagnosed with moderate to severe disabilities, as described by Alberta Learning definitions. The program focuses on life skills, pro-social skills, small group work, functional literacy, functional numeracy, and partial integration into non-academic classes (Exploratory Options, Physical Education). Each student has an Individualized Program Plan. The program offers a collaborative team approach to education involving teachers, counselors, parents, teacher assistants and administrators. The two Foundation teachers also access other professionals for programs such as Speech and Language, Occupational, and Physical Therapy as well as other programs specific to the needs of the children in the classes. Students are offered an education in a safe and friendly environment, which allows them to take risks and be successful within the realm of their own abilities. They are an integral part of the school community.