School Sports

School colours are black, gray with a royal blue accent.

Sports Calendar

Physical Education Participation Rubric

Extracurricular Sports

An extra fee may be charged for extracurricular sports activities. The following are the approximate dates for the specific sports programs. Exact dates and information will also be available on the Sports Calendar.  

  • Cross-Country Running (September to October) 
  • Volleyball (September to November)
  • Basketball (December to March)
  • Badminton (March to May)
  • Track & Field (May to June)


Programs for specific grades are run at lunch in the gymnasium.

Valuable information for parents/students and PARENTAL AUTHORIZATION TO PARTICIPATE

Concussion Protocol

Online Store (Gym Clothing)

All physical education clothing (indoor/outdoor) will be available to purchase ONLINE ONLY! 

The store is now CLOSED


The online store will be open and closed three separate times throughout the year. Before the beginning of each athletic season (Volleyball, Basketball & Badminton).

The store will stay open for two weeks before closing. Once closed all orders will be processed and delivered to the PE Department upon completion.

All students will be required to have both indoor and outdoor change for PE classes.

All students interested in participating in school athletics MUST purchase "Gym Strip" shorts.  These shorts will be worn with the jersey provided as the school uniform.

Questions regarding the online store can be directed to the PE Department.